Guest Speaker - Adam Sellars

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ADam Sellars

Teacher of Mindfulness Meditation and Advanced Visualization
The Pressure Project

‘When you dive to depths of over 240 feet (70 metres) in the open Ocean, you need to have the skill of controlling your mind before and during your descent and to have strategies to overcome any obstacles that may present themselves.’

Adam Sellars, Director of ‘The Pressure Project’ is an Australian Freediving representative, qualified Freediving Instructor and one of the deepest divers in the world and can hold his breath for up to 5:30 minutes.   Adam’s ‘Lessons from the Deep’ and the ability to focus your mind on what you need to achieve apply perfectly to business, corporate ventures, personal achievement and sporting teams everywhere. Adam is a qualified Teacher of Mindfulness Meditation and Advanced Visualization and teaches these skills in competition and business. In a safe and controlled environment, Adam shares the skills and techniques used by free-divers to control the powerful messages sent from the brain that can often immobilize us.  Adam presents and consults to companies’ corporations and Government bodies, some of his recent clients include Insurance Australia Group, Kawasaki, Pease International, Rare ID and the Australian Olympic Swimming Team.