Guest Speaker - Chad Foreman

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chad foreman

Meditation Teacher and Ordained Buddhist Monk
The Way of Meditation

Chad has been teaching meditation classes since 2004 and has maintained his own daily meditation for over fifteen years.  Chad is an ex-professional tennis player and coach: due to his interest in the power of the mind, he became involved in Buddhist meditation.  He trained full time for six years, studying and practising Tibetan Buddhism in a retreat hut, in a monastery in the jungles of Queensland and was eventually ordained as a Buddhist monk in 2003.

From the deep insight from meditation retreats and the knowledge from studying Tibetan Buddhism with a world-renowned Buddhist scholar, Chad now unleashes the power of meditation derived from the ancient meditation teachings of Buddhism. Using his skills as a trainer and his extensive knowledge of Buddhist philosophy he has developed a world class system of meditation training for the modern person from mindfulness to mysticism.  Chad has now left the monastery and is bringing the power of the East to the West in simple to understand meditation instructions and guidance offering people the chance to calm their minds and achieve peace, freedom and joy through the practice of meditation.

Chad is also a fully qualified meditation teacher with The Australian Institute of Meditation.