Nicola nature image - beautiful still lake.jpg


WOW, I am so lucky and truly blessed…

Nicola nature image - beautiful still lake.jpg

to be surrounded by so many good people in my life. I love being in a team - so many creative individuals and their 'ordinary super powers' all coming together for ideas and hearts to flourish. So I would like to acknowledge some of them here.

From the depths of my heart I would like to thank;

  • Mell Baker - creative co-ordinator, designer, marketer and totally amazing, talented, passionate and generous human!! She created this awesome website and every little thing that goes on behind it too!! She is an indispensable friend, highly attuned to what needs to happen next and adores and reveres every living being on this planet (especially her doggies or any doggies that are homeless). She is patient, kind and thoughtful and I am lucky to have her in my life!
  • Wendy Brooks - my beautiful, sweet sister who is such a constant source of love in my life. 
  • Cate Brooks - my other beautiful sister, also a loving support to me, who is busy with small children and still so generously contributed her gorgeous nature photos
  • Mischa, his fiance Jess and Zac - my wild, wise, fun loving, kind and encouraging adult kids - xxxx
  • Sabine Schroeder - my friend, fellow traveller on this chosen path of a deeply examined life, wise soul, holds me to account, laughs out loud, cries & roars as we dance our feelings - what more could I ask of a friend! I thank you for being.
  • Stacey Larke - Amazing Art Therapist and Kimberley sister who painted my backdrop for me, we at times share laughter, tears then discuss cultural accountability all within the same 5 mins. With respect I thank you.
  • Nik Buttigieg - portrait photographer extraordinaire. I thank you for your friendship, your gentle honest feedback and creative input.
  • Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici - my creativity coach who guided me along the way to my true life path and having trust in myself and my connection to spirit
  • Alyssa Medway - who helped transform the vision into edited, beautiful, raw and real footage - I was so blessed to have her by my side for the final process. 

And of course thanks to Sue, Beryl, Dawn, Clare, Annie, Ronda, Bek (nice hands and fun finger painting), my Kimberley family Alyssa, Sam, Claire and Liz. If I have forgotten you - sorry and I thank you too!!

I am blessed to place my feet on this earth on Mirrawong Country every morning, breathe the Kimberley air and give thanks for my life - thanks Mum and Dad, my extended family and all the ancestors who came before me.

Much, much love,