Original Self hosts a vast array of differing types of online retreats.  Participating in an online retreat provide the retreat members the comfort and privacy of being in their own homes or chosen location of choice in which to participate from. 

- Retreats -

“The creative process is irrational - inspiration is something that comes through and it is up to us to stay with it... ask of it “How am I going to collaborate with this?”......
— Liz Gilbert

Soothe your soul by taking time out from your regular daily rhythms and deepen the connection to your heart and spirit. The practice of retreating has been a long standing practice in ancient traditions, across all cultures from time immemorial. The benefits of this slow, gentle practice are plentiful and include:

  • Simply resting and reflecting
  • Being present for yourself and increasing your self awareness
  • Slowing down - cultivating stillness
  • Becoming more open to creative ideas
  • Beginning new supportive practices such as mindfulness or art journaling
  • Tuning in to your true inner wisdom
  • Visioning future directions; and
  • Deepening team connections

Our retreats can be designed around particular needs and undertaken either offsite (in relaxed less formal settings), onsite or through group/team online sessions via ZOOM conferencing. Nicola has considerable experience in the corporate arena in the following modalities:-

  • Facilitation of difficult conversations across and within teams
  • The introduction of WHOLE BRAIN creative processes in problem solving
  • Increasing team cohesiveness
  • Creative conflict resolution
  • Team Self-Care and Stress Management
  • Reflective practices for more conscious actions and behaviors

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