Guest Speaker - Sabine Schroeder

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sabine schroeder

Empatherapies Counselling and Consultancy

Sabine Schroeder is a Psychotherapist with over 16 years’ experience. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology and has worked in a range of areas including mental health, substance use and suicide.  Sabine is the founder of Empatherapies Counselling and Consultancy and is an accomplished Practitioner, Speaker and Presenter.  Sabine has a distinct style of weaving the art of Psychotherapy, Neuroscience and Traditional Eastern Wisdom Traditions in a reflective and mindful approach to her work.  Sabine is a passionate, experienced practitioner grounded in her own lived experience of managing and nurturing her own mental health.

Sabine has an embodied present process and in her unique set of skills and practices she guides clients to re-connect the anxious restless pace of their thinking mind into a deep and present experience of their intelligent body. Sabine has a passion for adventure and exploration as well as a reverence for silence and introspection to nurture her own mental wellbeing.