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Welcome to Original Self - The Art of You

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We awaken and grow the creative spirit in people and their communities to inspire wellness and contentment. This is in order for a person's 'whole self', their mind, body and spirit to thrive. 

With presence, kindness and consideration of the unexpected nature of life, our team offers creative, professional therapeutic support to nourish peace and bring ease to the hearts and minds of all who engage with us. 

My overarching intention and life calling is to reduce the high levels of disconnection and distress in our friends, families and community. For the past 16 years, in my work as a psychotherapist, I have borne witness to the often debilitating pain people experience when 'stuck' or feeling disconnected - they reach out for support seeking their innate human wholeness.

My training and years of experience in both Gestalt Therapy (MA), which is a psychotherapy, counselling method; and Sensorimotor Art Therapy, along with my insatiable curiosity for searching and sifting through the depths of my own emotional pain, has brought me here and to now. 

Sensorimotor Art Therapy is a creative trauma informed therapeutic practice that seeks out the natural body wisdom to shift stuck-ness, to find ease and safety via art making - artistic skill is not required. It is a tool used to express yourself and thus bring about healing. I have personally had the honour of witnessing this healing and ease so often - brought about by the simple and non-confrontational body centred Art Therapy practices I utilise.

My core values sit deeply within my strong belief and courage to be authentic and genuine. Genuine in the help of not only others, but also for myself. I bring an honest and transparent approach sharing my own human-ness in my personal Art Therapy practices. These are practices which I know work from my own shift into finding a place of equilibrium and a sense of inner safety.

Original Self - The Art of you, provides individual Art Therapy sessions, either face to face or in the privacy of your own home; via ZOOM/Skype, as well as group creative online retreats.

Much warmth,

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